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We are in extremely crazy times – our lives have been turned upside down and as parents we are juggling work, teaching our children and running a household.

In my house, we run a very tight ship. We have created a timetable and have set times where we can teach core subjects to our five and seven-year-olds. We have been given work set by their school, as well as, researching online teaching tools to help us. We printed the timetables and stuck them on the wall and the children have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

However, they are children. So, this works well for short periods of time, but you have to battle with their short attention spans, point-blank refusal to do work and the fact that many of us are not teachers and we are having to learn how to be pretty quickly. It’s tough!

Every parent I speak to is facing the same battles and on top of that many are key workers and have very limited time to teach their kids at all.

Over the past few weeks, I have learnt a very important point in all of this madness. The importance of teaching your children something you love.

Yes, they will need to work on core subjects to make sure they do not fall behind but spend time with your children teaching them something that means something to you. Watching them succeed at that is so rewarding.

Whatever is ‘your’ thing then start sharing this with your little ones. Whether that’s cooking, dancing, building, reading…whatever you love, share it!

As a woman in tech who runs coding clubs for girls, I enjoy nothing more than seeing them get as excited about technology as me.

My kids have dabbled with learning to code in and out over the past few years, but they have never been that interested. It’s frustrating as I want them to feel the enjoyment that I get out of learning new things with tech, but I was fighting a losing battle. However, I decided to reintroduce it to them and sit down and learn together. We have had so much fun learning and sharing.

Here is what I have learnt:

If you love it then that will come across in your teaching

When you teach your kids something that you really enjoy, it is easy to teach. Your children will pick up vibes from you and if you are enjoying what you are teaching them then they will feel excited about it too. When you see your children start understanding what you are teaching it makes you feel excited and encourages you to teach even more.

It’s actually fun for both of you

Teaching something you enjoy is fun. If you are working on something together that you both enjoy it becomes a fun activity rather than a chore. I have found that the activities I have done over the past few weeks have given me quality time with my kids and an even bigger bonus will be the positive memories of the lockdown period for all of us.

You never know, you may learn something new

One awesome thing I have learnt is that it is so easy to adapt subjects to make them more enjoyable for you to teach. I love anything to do with space – planets, rockets, sci-fi etc. I spent some time teaching my kids about space in our Science lesson and then moved onto Art where we painted all of the planets and stuck them to the kitchen wall. We then all sat down and read a book together about planets. That is three lessons in one; Science, Art and English. I was super engaged, as were the kids and we had a great time learning together.

So, my point is, do not be hard on yourself! It’s okay to feel like you cannot cope with homeschooling – we’re all going through it. You are doing an amazing job and you had no prep time. We are all in this together and the main thing is for our kids to look back on this time with amazing memories.

Have fun teaching your children, you never know you may learn something!

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